Thursday, June 2, 2011

What a day

Well, today I have my first official interview for a nursing job. The best start was that I could not remember what time it was. The interviewer wasn't in until 8am so I started getting ready. I did my hair, makeup, and squeezed into a suit. I call back to find the time. . . 2pm. Holy crap, well I guess it's time to put the sweats back on. So I move on with my day; feeding the chickens, doggies, cat. Maybe I'll do some laundry, or not. Well, I hope the interview goes better than the start to my day.
Oh yeah we're looking at maybe changing Trouble's name. Any ideas?


Debbie said...

Hi did the interview go?
Did you pick another name for Trouble yet?
He looks like a Hank to me....but that might be too formal for him..LOL.
See ya at work!

Victoria said...

How exciting! I hope it went well:) Thank you for commenting on my itty bitty 80's kitchen, I've never shown it on my blog before because it's not the most attractive kitchen!

I was just looking at your jewelry, I love it! Do you have an Esty shop?

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