Friday, November 4, 2011

Exclusive Pieces!

As some of you may know I've recently started getting my jewelry published for sale on Etsy. Well, I've got some other exciting news! I've now got a few items available in an actual store!! Woo hoo! If any of you are familiar with downtown Cadillac, MI I'm sure you  know there are some really quaint little shops there. Blossom, formerly known as Apple Blossom, is by far my favorite. They have adorable, and unique clothing, along with shoes, and other nick-knacks. As of a week or so ago, I placed some of my jewelry there. These items are exclusively found only at Blossom!!!
 This is made with flower shaped drops for the focal points. It also has peek-a-boo pearls inside the flower. The chain is black metal.

 You can see the peek-a-boo pearls inside, along with some ruby crystals.

 I've recently been playing with asymmetry in my jewelry designs. I use a focal point on the side instead of the middle. I think this gives a vintage look with a modern take.
 I used copper wire for this one
 Up close view on the focal piece. I've been really attracted to the vintage fillagree. I really like the way it looks especially with pearls.
 This is one of my favorites and I hope to replicate it for future designs. There is no clasp in this one. Instead it uses a hoop in the front in which the pearl barely fits through. This gives the focal piece in the front with a new twist. You can pull the pearl farther up or down to change the length of the necklace.
 For this one I used a brass colored metal. This gives it an aged look.
 Close up of this one
 I really liked the unique features of this one.
 This is another version of one of the previous ones. I used light green pearls and a gunmetal focal piece.
 Gunmetal is a color somewhat between silver and black. It almost looks like a silver that has been tarnished, but is still shiny.

 This is another one that I tend to replicate. This necklace has the clasp on the side right after the metal leaf. I also have these leaf pieces in silver.
 Close up of the focal point
 Matching earrings.
 This necklace has a the same asymmetry but with a  double chain in the front. I used antique silver split pieces to do that.
 Close up of the focal piece
 Matching earrings
 This one is the same concept as the last. I used peach colored pearls instead. Also the focal piece is a rose instead of a metal embellishment.
 I really love this rose bead. It's made from separate parts and combine to give it a fuller effect. I definitely plan on buying more of these before I can't find them anymore!
Although these are only at Blossom, in beautiful downtown Cadillac, MI, I can always try to create them again. The biggest issue I have is to try and find the exact parts that I've previously used. I try to only buy 1 of each thing, so that all of my items are unique. If you are interested in any of these, however, just let me know. I can do my best to replicate them and post them on Etsy. Thanks for stopping by!

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